3D Laser Scanning

DBAMASTERS providers industry leading 3D Laser scanning. By converting live structures such as buildings, plants, refineries and converting them into digital 3D images. These images are accurate to within 1 millimetre accuracy, this information is made available 24/7 (through our online platforms). Our services can be used to provide information to businesses with huge complex buildings or facilities (assets) which need to be assessed frequently. For example an oil refinery, is a facility that is not accessible immediately. In order to perform maintenance, derive evaluations, accurate measurements or collate an inventory, these are tasks that are necessary but time consuming and cost ineffective. With a 3D laser scan of your facility you have immediate access to the schematics of your facility immediately available 24/7   .

We provide accurate, innovative and competitive survey and measurement solutions to our clients through the very latest 3D Laser technology provided by industry leading FARO 3D x330 scanner.

This provides advanced capabilities for design and build, renovation and development, without having to perform costly measurements that are subject to human error.

We provide accurate, innovative and competitive survey and measurement solutions to our clients through the very latest technology and develop laser scanning solutions to meet your measurement and surveying needs.

We are based in the UK, we can service businesses both locally and internationally.




3D Scanning

Using the precision of the FARO x330 3D scanners and the appropriate software technologies to calibrate and register scanned data.  Digitise any building, facility, Landscape or Landmark in order to create a fully reusable digital blue print. 

Why Perform a 3D Laser Scan?

  • Get a fully interactive 3D image with external and internal views of your asset available 24/7
  • Get a detailed inventory of the internal contents of your assets
  • Get accurate measurements of every inch of your asset, without human error in a fraction of the time it would take to measure manually
  • Save costs on sending consultants to hard to reach facilities, perform reviews and initial investigations from the comfort of your computer
  • Perform virtual reality tour of your asset/facilities as if you were there in person.

We cover a wide variety of projects and sectors; FPSO's, Oil and Gas refineries, Marine Vessels, Sports stadiums, Incinerator, Sewage refineries, Buildings, Shopping centres, Movie Blue Screening, Gaming Imagery, Crime scene investigations, Real Estate and many more. 

Take a look at our gallery page for samples.

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3D Modelling

We offer various end products ranging from a registered point cloud up to a 3D model. We can tailor the model, its specifications and level of detail to your needs giving you the ideal basis for your project. Whether you use Revit, AutoCAD or any other software we can provide our models in the format you need.


2D Modelling

If you need a job scanned to pick up every detail but don't have the software to create your elevations, floor plans or sections then we can do it for you. Alternatively you may have the capacity to process the point cloud and create your own plans but simply don't have the time, let us know, we'll be happy to help.

Building Surveys

By scanning our building surveys inside and out we take the building back to our desk to slice through to produce our 2D plans and 3D models. Whilst we do focus on 3D scanning we have surveyors with years of experience in traditional building surveys, add one of our scanners into the equation and you get the best of both worlds.


360 Photography

At 3D Scan Solutions we like to use the latest technology to help provide the best solution for your project. Our NCTech iSTAR camera allows us to create 360 panoramic images and panotours allowing you to visit the site from your desk. It also allows us to colour our point clouds using HDR photography to give your project that realistic look.

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