About Us

Our Vision

Transforming the landscape of businesses, to enable businesses to operate more intelligently and efficiently using Information Technology.

A business is like a living organism, any change in one part of an organism results in a reaction in all the other parts. Our Technology can be the nervous system of your business.


Our Story

With 15 year's experience working in the data analytics and business intelligence arena implementing highly complex and state of the art technologies, on a multitude of scales from small to large multinational enterprise wide projects. We have worked on numerous technologies in a variety of industries;

  • FARO 3D Laser scanning in private, public and commercial sectors
  • Real Time Data Analytics and Reporting
  • The use of BIG Data (HADOOP HBASE) platforms for both big and small companies across finance, sales and marketing, pharmaceutical, charitable organisations, Government and Oil and Gas companies.
  • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Corporatrive Bank, HSBC, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Canada, Dresdner Klienwort Benson, Royal Mencap Society etc. are examples of some of the illustrious clients we have worked with.

Our experience and expertise allows us at DBAMASTERS to fully understand our customers, we recognise, embrace and promote the uniqueness of every business that we work with.  We hone in on that uniqueness and ensure that we can deliver the right solution for your business.   The most common failure in industry is when businesses are stripped of their uniqueness and are delivered solutions, products or services that are not suited to them. In most instances businesses are made to change their business practices to suite a technology or a product.  It is this failure that causes most technology adoptions to fail.

Here at DBAMASTERS our success is in the solution, service and product we supply to our clients, we ensure that what your business gets is the best possible match to what you need and that will have a positive impact.

Our Approach

By enabling businesses to identify their core processes we discover the core data sources and capture them.  What sets DBAMASTERS apart from our competitors is our ability to recognise the individuality of each business and ensure that the technologies that we put together is specifically tailored to your organisation's needs, allowing your unique style and identity to flourish.

We make technology serve your business without adding complicated and unnecessary overheads in your processes and in the maintenance of our service. We are not technology re-sellers we do not  sell our customers technologies that do not match their needs. Do not change your business process to satisfy software or technology, have the right technology made to satisfy your business needs. 


Meet the Team

Any great business is only made up by the some of its parts, here at DBAMASTERS our winning team makes the difference. Providing our customers with a highly professional and dynamic service.

We have a team of highly qualified experts in key areas which ensures our success in delivering a winning product to our customers

Industry experts across;

  • Data Architecture
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Development and System Integration
  • Applications Systems development
  • Database management
  • Data Modelling

With an expansive and dedicated team of specialists capable of delivering first class services to each of our customers whilst ensuring excellence is our standard. For more details on our team please contact us.

Martins Ainabe

Founder & CEO

15 years experience in IT business transformation projects in multiple industries. MSC in Information Systems and computing and BA Hons in Industrial relations and HRM. An excellent Dynamic combination that allows for the unison of both IT and Business synergy.

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