Build An Intelligent Business

Here at DBAMASTERS, our goal is to enhance and improve our customers business by using technology. We build systems specific to our individual customers needs, with the finest attention to detail, ensuring that what the customer needs and what will bring value are our primary focus. Working on projects of variant sizes, from small individual and simple projects, through to large, complex, enterprise wide projects. No matter the scale of the job we are able to deliver an excellent service to our clients every time.

We reuse, define or refine business processes to understand what your business does intimately. Understanding the What, Why, When, How and Where of your business, which allows us to understand completely your needs and how DBAMASTERS can accurately deliver a product that does what you want and more.  With this knowledge we bring the intelligence to your business by using our technology platforms to bring value such as improved delivery times, improved communications between branches, intelligent campaigning, intelligent production monitoring platforms, intelligent reporting. Using our intelligent platforms to hone in on bringing value to your business.

Products on offer;

  • Data Solution Design and Build
  • Data Architecture and Business definition
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Technical Consultation
  • Data Modelling

Data Solution Design And Build

Build an application to enable effective data capture that is specifically built for your business, then using business intelligence to enable dynamic reporting.


Data Architecture and Business Definition

Data Architecture involves lifting the covers of an organisation to understand how it operates from an information perspective, transforming that understanding into a collection of maps and models, and then guiding the transition to a better state. It's about using visual artefacts to manage complexity, and our Data Architects are the best in the business.

  • Data Model - to describe the structure of your data assets and their inter-relationships. From high-level conceptual models covering the entire enterprise to lower level logical models focused on a specific domain, the objective is the same – to promote a shared understanding. When combined with a business glossary, they provide a powerful communication tool that helps everyone adopt a common information vocabulary.
  • Data Flow Maps - to illustrate the movement and dispersion of data through your organisation. Our innovative approach allows system, process and human touchpoints to be combined on a single canvas to create an intuitive picture of the data landscape. And by overlaying different views, we can provide a visual representation of risks and issues to secure senior engagement and help drive your Data Governance activities.
  • Data Strategy - to drive consistency in the way information is managed across your organisation. Based on our own best practice reference architectures, they provide a template for adopting a formal approach to a specific capability such as Data Quality Management. Transitioning to new ways of working always requires careful planning, but you can rely on our many years of experience to guide you on your journey.

Business Process Re-Engineering

  • Create a holistic view of your business
  • Create a detailed and defined business processes
  • Redefine areas that need improvement

Technical Consultation

Our teams of experts can perform analysis of your business with the aim of highlighting the strengths and weakness of your business with recommendations and a road map or strategy document of improvements that can be implemented now and in the future.


Data Modelling

Our Modellers can design and model existing data structures or define new data models and ensure these models are easily available for the business. Definition of entities, referential integrity, normalised and denormalised data built for purpose. All services bring definition and greater understanding to the business

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